Service Provider Solutions

Looking for a Service Provider? We Eliminate the Guesswork and Stress.

Having trouble finding the right company to service your needs? How do you vet them? Are you getting the right price? Let us take the guesswork out of choosing the right service provider.

GNE has partnered with SBE Solutions Facilitators to help you find  the service provider that is right for your business.

 Why use a facilitator?

  • We completely vet and screen the service providers and oversee the proposal process.
  • We can offer up to 3 proposals if required.
  • It is a FREE There is no fee to the client and the price you pay the provider is the same, or lower, as if you went direct.

How it works:

At no cost to you, we will first meet with you to determine what services you require.

Once we know your needs, we contact an already vetted service provider(s) and set up an initial facility walk through.  The provider will then generate a proposal based on what is learned during the meeting. We quarterback the entire process.

You can either accept, negotiate or decline with no cost to you.  Should you choose to accept the proposal we step back and you deal with, and pay, the provider directly.


  • Commercial kitchen equipment products and services
  • Janitorial services
  • Accounting Services
  • Valet Services
  • Legal Services
  • Security Services
  • Civil, structural, mechanical, etc. engineering services
  • Land Surveying & Mapping services
  • Commercial carpet cleaning services.
  • Landscape installation services
  • Commercial kitchen exhaust cleaning
  • Outdoor patio furniture products
  • Fire Suppression products and services
  • Plumbing products and services
  • Fire, mold & water damage restoration
  • Pressure cleaning services
  • Grease trap cleaning services
  • Landscape architect engineering services
  • Grout cleaning services
  • Refrigeration products and services
  • House keeping staffing
  • Window cleaning services
  • HVAC products and services.

About SBE Solutions Facilitators: John Zaza, of SBE Solutions, has been helping small businesses connect with each other for the past 30 years. Coming from the small business culture himself he understands the day to day challenges that are constant in any business including choosing the right supplier. His experience and contacts with suppliers for the hotel and restaurant industries allows us to match the right supplier with the right hotel/restaurant at all times.


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