Email Marketing

emailThumbIn the past Email marketing was about creating a pretty (or not so pretty) email template, blasting it out to everyone on our database, and maybe other databases that we could find, and praying that someone would answer.  We called this the “spray and pray” method and it was the norm for distributing email campaigns. We’ve come a long way from those early days of email marketing and today, when done properly, email is driving more revenue and ROI than any of the social media platforms.

Email is the one social media in existence that is used by almost everyone (92% of adults use email according to Pew Research). However, the way we view and use email needs to improve.  As with everything else we do in this era of digital marketing, research shows that today’s campaigns must be targeted and interact with our present and prospective consumers.

At GNE we take a look at the email metrics of your past campaigns, analyze the data and help you create email campaigns designed to engage the consumer and bring results. We use cross channel marketing to enhance these results across all of your digital platforms.

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