Content Strategy & SEO

SEO-thumbSearch Engine Optimization (SEO) deals with the rules and formulas the search engines use to determine the significance of a web page and it’s placement on the Search Engine Results Page (SERP). Optimizing your site involves implementing various tactics, both on and off your website, that cause the search engines to consider it more relevant and significant than other similar sites and therefore list it higher on the results page. The recent changes made by Google, and the changes that are coming in the near future, have made relevant, updated content and the user experience much more important than they were only a few years ago.

Currently, about one in four of all search queries conducted via the Google, Bing and Yahoo search engines are for local goods and services. Local ranking factors are now more important than ever and paying close attention to these efforts is mandatory to achieve placement on the search engine maps and local Search Engine Results Pages (SERP)

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